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  • Investment Properties, Residential Sales

I am:

  • I enjoy the challenges of real estate and helping people make important life decisions

Proudest Moment:

  • When escrow closes, keys change hands and my clients are happy.

Favorite Neighborhood:

  • Every San Francisco neighborhood is special.


  • Experience + Service = Success

My clients will tell you that I am dedicated to service and have a detailed knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market. Combining this with an unlimited patience for the process of selling or buying a home means my clients are destined for success. When I first meet a new seller or buyer I tell them: "I work when you don't. Call or email anytime."

Selling or buying a home may feel like a daunting task when first entering the San Francisco real estate market.  My goal is to make the process easier to understand while being honest about the challenges.

Working with Sellers: I am able to provide them with McGuire Real Estate's worldwide  reach and most sophisticated  internet marketing.  This enables me to expose my listings to the greatest number of buyers and ultimately sell the property for the highest price.

Working with Buyers: I am able to guide them as they focus on their needs and expectations.  Once this happens Buyers move on with my help to making an offer and negotiating the final price in buying a home or condo.

I joined McGuire Real Estate after working as a Special Assistant to Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. as Deputy Director of the San Francisco Film Commission and liaison to San Francisco's neighborhoods. My in-depth knowledge of San Francisco government and neighborhoods is an additional asset for clients.

In my free time  I enjoy walking  around the San Francisco. Photography has been my lifelong passion and I have photographed over 1000 San Francisco doors. You can see these on my Facebook Business Page: San Francisco City Living. My photography is also on YouTube where I have slide shows of the cities' neighborhoods. Blogging and sharing my experiences and knowledge has also become a regular part of my business. I write a real estate column in the monthly newspaper The Marina Times.

As a Seller or Buyer of a home in San Francisco you can count on my experience, knowledge, dedication to service and patience to bring you success in your real estate transaction.

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Featured Properties

2986 22nd Street
San Francisco, 94110
  • 6 Beds
  • 5.5 Baths

MLS# 429467

Sold For: $3,000,000

897 Clayton Street
San Francisco, 94117
  • 6 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 2,820 SqFt

MLS# 444240

2304 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, 94115
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths

MLS# 438274

82 St Marys
San Francisco, 94112
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 2,624 SqFt

MLS# 469485

82-82a St Marys Avenue
San Francisco, 94112
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 2,624 SqFt

MLS# 469385

238 Mangels Avenue
San Francisco, 94131
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2,715 SqFt

MLS# 429424

Carole did a great job securing my 1st home, getting the bank to prequalify me quickly, and negotiating our bid with the seller's agent. I wouldn't have been able to get the place without her. Thank you Carole!

– Sam Z

I just completed my third closing with Carole. As usual, Carole left no stone unturned with respect to the numerous details associated with the purchase or sale of real estate in San Francisco. Carole leads the field when it comes to "followup" - an essential element for success in the competitive San Francisco marketplace. Carole really is available 24/7. Michael Zelver

– Michael Zelver

I am the very proud new owner of an amazing condo in San Francisco. This purchase would not have been possible without Carole's guidance, expertise, timeliness, determination, and negotiating skills. Her experience and professionalism was evident at every twist and turn of this purchase. I definitely chose the right agent and having the right agent is definitely the key to success in this housing market. I couldn't recommend her more highly. If you are in the market to purchase a home in San Francisco, Carole is your go-to person.

– Jill M.

Carole is a competent real estate agent with significant experience serving buyers and sellers in San Francisco. We selected her as our selling agent for our house in Sunnyside in September 2017. She proved to be totally transparent throughout the process of selling our house. Not once did she say something just to please us or to gain our favor. She was focused on getting the job done successfully. She worked with us to set realistic expectations for pricing and advised us on reasonable work that was needed to be done to prepare for an effective open house. She was very hands-on and pro-active in problem solving. With her help, we were able to put the house on the market within a month. We had an offer which met our expectations within 3 days of the first open house. Once we agreed to sell, Carole managed the entire process until the close of escrow with minimal involvement from us. In fact, we were out of the country when escrow closed. We trusted Carole completely to take care of everything for us.

– Lip Lim

I meet Carole years ago and she stuck me as really "go getter". When I began looking for properties I knew that the San Francisco market had opportunities but if you delay at all you will loose that opportunity. Carole, was always looking and bring new availabilities to us. Whenever we looked into any of these options she was always staying on us to get it done. This year it happened and it would not have happened if it wasn't for Carole drive and commitment to support and assist us. Thank you, Carole!

– Lorenz Schweitzer

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative I feel compelled to write Carole Isaacs a glowing recommendation letter. Over the course of three years Carole has patiently shown me various properties. I was in no particular rush to buy anything and over time Carole got to know my taste. At some point, she represented a homeowner who wanted to sell a property. Knowing my preferences, she knew that this would be the perfect place for me. Although it was to her disadvantage, she handed me over to an independent agent to avoid a dual agency situation so I could pursue the purchase of the property. I don't think that there are many agents who put their client's interest before their business opportunities. Thank you, Carole!

– Anonymous

Carole was a terrific agent for us in our purchase of a Russian Hill Condo. Knowledgeable, responsive and communicative, she was patient with us as we learned the market, and very effective in negotiating and closing. Definitely will use her again.

– Greg and Anne Evans

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time We hired Carole after meeting her first at an open house in San Francisco. She had a great sense of what we were looking for in a home and she kept us grounded as to what would and would not be a challenge to deal with. She has a background with the City of San Francisco, and her knowledge of the city is impressive -- a great trait for a real estate agent. Will work with her again if the need arises.

– Jeremy Ostrander and Kristy Picinnini

Carole is very professional in all aspects. Her knowledge of the real estate field is excellent and she communicates extremely well (it seems that she is available 24/7!) . She is detail oriented and consistently follows through to completion. Carole surmounts problems well. I strongly recommend Carole to San Francisco real estate buyers and sellers.

– Rudy Lacoe

If you need help buying a house then go and find Carole. She has been fun to work with, counseled us wisely, and very diligent and creative in helping us understand what we wanted. She really took all the pain out of the house buying process.

– David Hodgson

Thanks again for being such a conscientious professional and for educating us about the market and consequently for helping us buy the amazing property we will own tomorrow. We truly appreciate your talent. Courtney and Mary Goff

– Courtney and Mary Goff

I met Carol when I first moved from NY to SF-and was just checking out open houses out of curiosity. Carol has been an awesome realtor to me but also has become a great friend. She essentially gets a check mark from me for all of the above for qualities one wants in an agent. She found me the home I wanted-and very patiently. She is also fun and so energetic. Would work with her again-and I recommend her highly. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

– Kelly Lee, M.D

Dear Carole, Best wishes for the New Year! In the year of 2009, one of the luckiest things that happened in our lives was bumping into you at one of your open houses, on a dreary wintry day. With your warm smiles and gentle voices, you assured us that the sun would soon come out, and we would fall under the spell of this magical city. It turned out that you are right on both accounts. With seemingly inexhaustible patience, you took us around, showed us the city with its diverse neighborhoods and secret delights, the city you know inside out. You went way beyond call of duty, helping us to clarify our thoughts and inclinations regarding our housing needs, sort out our priorities, plan our searching strategies, and gently nudging us away from places that may not work out best for us. In the process, we fell in love with the city as well, and soon became proud owners of a small piece of this blessed land. So it has been a success story. It worked not only because of your considerable knowledge of the city and the temperamental real estate market, but even more importantly, because you care. You care a great deal about the satisfaction and longer term needs of those you work with, and you take your work seriously, conducting it with amazing concentration and seemingly inexhaustible patience. You work as a team, and are always readily available and on time, which help to make the process of house hunting less strenuous and much more enjoyable. We have absolutely no reservation in recommending you to anyone interested in moving to San Francisco, and believe that they will be as happy as we are in the years to come. Best,

– Wen and Ken Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Carole is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and knows her markets in & out. I gave her my criteria for a perfect home and she found me the perfect place, in a neighborhood I never would've considered but have come to love! She's consistent, trustworthy & reliable; a joy to work with.

– Juliana Nelson, Global Planning Director, Cutwater

First of all, Carole has been amazingly patient and helpful to us as we have probably not been the most motivated home buyers. Many agents would have kicked us to the curb by now. Not Carole! She has been our guiding light in the complex area of real estate. Who knew there were so many things to look out for and consider?! Carole has always been there for us with creative ideas and interesting opportunities that fit within our criteria and our budget. She is a wealth of information and knows the SF market like no one else I have met. As she should, being a long time resident and purchased and sold a few homes of her own. If you a looking for an agent that will look out for your best interests, be with you for the long haul, and ultimately be a pleasure to work with, Carole is the one. Thanks for your patience Carole, and we look forward to our continued relationship!

– Jeremy Reid President, FutureFind Media Technology

Dear Carole: We want to thank you for your tremendous service, patience, expertise and support during the purchase of our new home. Though not 1st time home buyers, it has been a while since we last purchased a home, and the San Francisco market was new to us. You took the time to understand our tastes, needs, likes and dislikes, then helped us find a home that matches us so well, as if it was built especially for us. You took us through the details of all the paperwork painlessly, and supported us technically and emotionally through this major purchase. We are proud to know a great Realtor, and happy to tell people about the wonderful service you provided us. Thank you.

– Pat and Carla K. Scientist and Educational Consult

Carole worked very hard to find the right property for me in a very challenging and changing market. My criteria was very exact and we looked at many , many properties together I felt at times I would abuse her patience, however she never tires of the process and always gave me her full attention. She has a genuine enthusiasm for the business and through her diligence the right property was located, successfully negotiated and purchased.

– Michael Zelver San Francisco

We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us locate, research and purchase our home in San Francisco. You were patient, thorough, and showed a deep understanding of the City, it's neighborhoods and the local real estate market. You were able to assess our needs and seek out properties that would pique or interest. We will highly recommend your services to our friends and family looking to buy and sell real estate in San Francisco. Thank you.

– Rich Hillis and Michelle Ruggels

Carole is a perfect real estate agent. She is smart, personable and loyal. When we met her at an open house a year and a half or more ago, we had no idea what our future held. We explained we may not buy a house because we were considering a move to Paris for a year. No matter. Carole invested time and effort into our possible cause and never made us feel like we were wasting her time - even though we kind of were since we ended up moving to Paris for more than a year and that easily could have been the last she heard of us. However, remembering her generosity and professionalism, when we returned in May we had no doubt who we wanted to help us find our new home. Carole exceeded every expectation we could have had and ran circles around the sellers' agents we dealt with. While other agents didn't pick up calls, didn't return calls and had sketchy knowledge of the market (or even the houses they were marketing), Carole never missed a beat. She always answered her phone, communicated consistently and clearly, was available for viewings and gave great recommendations on houses to see (or not bother to see), thus completely streamlining what may well have been an arduous process, but for her skill. There were many times as she drove us around not just San Francisco but the entire bay area, that I thought she has to hate us by now but she has unending patience for the process and client quirks - like our mid-search surprise adoption of a rescue boxer who couldn't be left alone so had to accompany us on every viewing. (Our dog now thinks he's Carole's dog. Or maybe he just wishes it.) She glided through the differing county requirements with ease. So, even though we were not limiting our search to San Francisco, Carole had no problems guiding the way. Thanks to Carole, we have now moved into a beautiful home in San Rafael. We couldn't be happier and we enthusiastically recommend her.

– Shannon Y

In 2011, we decided that we would move to San Francisco in 2013. Carole has been our agent since the beginning of this journey, and she helped us in finding the right place. First, what we liked about Carole is that she did not push us in buying a place when we were not 100% convinced. We expect an agent to raise issues and help balancing pros and cons, and she was very helpful in this. She has a very strong experience in the market and was able to provide us with a lot of valuable information and insight. Second, despite the fact that it took us a long time to close on our plan, she has made herself available throughout this journey, and has always been very responsive. Third, when we made up our mind and made offers, she was very proactive and providing good advices to guide us through the process. She was critical in closing on our new home and in dealing with all parties, including our bank. So, we are very happy about our decision to work with Carole and strongly recommend her.

– Jean Furter

Carole Isaacs was my agent for a recent sale in SF. I cannot heap enough praise upon this efficient, meticulous, brilliant and delightful person! She was a joy to work with and made everything so easy for me. I was out of town for most of the time that my place was listed, but I could always count on her to take care of any detail and also keep me well informed of the status of my sale. I have bought and sold many properties in the US and abroad and she is the best by far.

– Judy N.

Carole Isaacs is the first real estate we have worked with and we chose her because she sold the condominium above our unit so we knew she would be knowledgeable about the market for our specific neighborhood, time of year and the type of unit we were selling. A few things that impressed me right from our first conversation were: her responsiveness and availability at all hours and her aggressive approach to getting things done. Within the first week of contacting Carole, our home was listed! She took us through everything that needed to be done, listed the condo on a variety of important websites and newsletters and brought in 20+ people through the unit each day we had an open house. Carole listed our condo at an optimal price which made us feel at ease instead of having to negotiate with agents who try to force sellers to list at a low price to attract buyers. Within the first two weeks of listing our unit, we had two offers. Carole coached us through the negotiation process and was patient with all our questions. Even with questions she wasn't sure about, she'd find the right resources and provide the answers in a timely manner. Carole worked hard throughout the entire process up to the day escrow closed and went on public record. We are very grateful to have found Carole and would highly recommend her for our friends. She builds good relationships with key people that help move the sales process forward and even bought chocolates for the property manager representative just because!

– Ellen T.

As a busy professional and first time home buyer, Carole was the perfect agent for me. She was patient, pro-active, and was extremely responsive at all times, even before I started seriously looking. She says that she works when you don't and is definitely accommodating when it comes to busy schedules. Carole guided me through the entire purchase process and took care of many small details to make home buying easy for me. As a result, I was able to find a great condo, at a great price, in a tough real estate market!

– New

Carole's knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market is peerless and her integrity in the process of buying a home was greatly welcome, especially in a market as intense as the San Francisco Bay Area. I would highly recommend her services to any prospective buyers.

– Devon Reed

When we first met with Carole, we were struck by her honesty, integrity and warmth. After closing on our property, we appreciate all those traits and more. We can honestly say that our deal would not have happened without Carole's guidance, resourcesfulness and pure dogged determination! Carole was incredibly helpful - she consistently went above and beyond to make sure everything was handled. Thank you, Carole, we owe our new home to you!

– Denise Cherry

After a long and tedious search for an ideal home with a long list of things in mind, we met Carole on an Open House. It turns out to be the best thing that could've happened. Carole is caring and easy going. Her knowledge and professionalism really is the difference in getting the home we want at a reasonable offer. She also took care of everything from appraisal, dealing with my loan agent to everything in between to make the process as smooth for us as possible. You can't go wrong with having Carole on your side. Thank you so much for making it happen!

– Zhihui Fan Xiangyun Su

Carole Isaacs has been a valuable resource for my partner and myself in moving from Chicago to San Francisco and back to Chicago within a 2 year period. She taught us market conditions and expectations. What I like the best about her was her constant staying in touch with us and dropping in on occasion with news on the market. She was sincere and understands human nature which was a gift in many ways.

– Vince Kueffner

As first-time home buyers braving the San Francisco market, we had a lot to learn. Carole's experience and candor were incredibly valuable during our search and purchase process. She helped us to quickly identify options that made sense for our young family. Not only did Carole help us find a home that met all of our many needs, we found it quickly and paid less than the asking price! We felt confident throughout the process that Carole had our best interest in mind and was doing all she could to be our advocate. Thank you Carole!

– Johanna Lacoe

Carole is the sort of Realtor you dream of. She is highly knowledgeable, open minded, friendly, yet not scared to be fierce when needed. She treats every client with equal respect and understands that buying a home, especially in a high priced area like San Francisco, can take some time, with many false turns and rejected offers. I could not recommend Carole more highly.

– D. Hayward

We have so much to thank Carole for -- I strongly recommend her if you are looking for an agent in San Francisco. Carole helped us over two years to find a home in the bay area. My wife and I were moving here from overseas for my job, and she was incredible at keeping in touch and guiding us along the way during our long move process as we waiting for a visa and to get our finances in order. Carole even found a temporary rental in San Francisco for me to use during long business trips prior to our move. Once we settled on an area and a home, Carole helped us navigate the process and get our offer accepted quickly and able to move in within a month. After moving in, she introduced us to a contractor and followed up relentlessly with him and us to make sure everything was going well.

– B. Ellis

With my price point and neighborhoods that I was looking into, it was almost impossible to buy any property in sf. But with Carole's tenacity and extensive knowledge in local real estate business, I was able to buy my dream home in the city! I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with ambitious goal of owning a home in the city.

– Ms. E Cho

My wife and I started looking for a house in SF about 14 months ago. We met Carole at an open house, and ended up choosing her as our buyer's agent. We had no knowledge of the SF market, but no problem, when it comes to real estate, Carole knows EVERYTHING! She has an encyclopedic knowledge of just about every SF neighborhood, as well as being able to recommend contractors and pest inspectors etc. In fact, we eventually ended up buying in a neighborhood that Carole introduced us to. It was not on our original list of places to look, but after we'd seen it, it became a favorite. Carole also notices details that other people miss. One example was when she told us not to proceed with a house we quite liked, because she'd seen that there was a Fire Station across the street. We had seen it too, but had not considered the possibility of being woken up in the middle of the night by the sirens! She is also super responsive - it didn't matter what crazy time of day I sent her a text message or email; a reply came back almost before I had hit SEND! We made 7 offers before we succeeded. It is a testament to Carol's expert advice on how much we should offer each time, that we came in the top 3 contenders every time. Carole was with us every step of the way, from making offers and counter-offers, to dealing with the loan officer at the bank, e.g. getting updated pre-approval letters. I can thoroughly recommend Carole to anybody who is looking to buy a place in SF. I guarantee she will not let up until you are safely ensconced in your new home! :)

– Satish B.

Carole helped to sell our SF condominium flat last May. She was referred to us by good friends who had used her services in purchasing two of their homes. As was the experience of other reviewers, her knowledge and judgment were outstanding. Condos like ours, with only 3 units, often present challenges in dealing with other owners. Carole handled all issues with diplomacy, expertise and firmness. We also benefited greatly from her contacts with remodeling services such as painting, floors, staging, etc. Prices were reasonable and jobs well done. She was also available by phone or email at any time and that helped quell our anxieties. If you are looking to buy or sell in SF, I highly recommend her.

– Gloria G.

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