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As an established professional for over 20 years, Robin brings an extensive knowledge of marketing, a reputation for win/win negotiations, and an impressive sales volume placing her among the top agents at McGuire Real Estate as well as a being named a “McGuire Partner” a designation given to consistent top producing agents at McGuire.

A member of an elite real estate networking group, including industry leaders from McGuire, Sotheby’s, Brown & Company, Paragon, Hill & Co., TRI Coldwell Banker and Zephyr. This distinguished group of leaders of the industry provides numerous benefits to her clients. Meeting monthly, the group provides insights into market strategy, cutting edge technology and an opportunity for Robin to network among other top producers and stay on top of the latest market trends.

Marketing is Robin’s forte. She will rally a team of professionals, including photographers, stagers, graphic artists, and web designers to maximize a property’s market potential for her clients. With an emphasis on full service, Robin brings an enthusiasm for architecture, knowledge of the market place and a genuine interest in helping her clients negotiate the best possible price and terms whether buying or selling properties in San Francisco.

Robin was amazing to work with. She carefully considered my wishlist while coming up with a variety of exceptional options. Not only did she help me navigate the buying process with ease, she was also there after closing to answer questions and even coordinate various contractors before my move. Robin truly goes the extra mile.

– Marc Andreoli

Robin and I have worked together for many years and recently selling my home is likely our last transaction together since I’ve moved out of state. So sad! Selling this home was definitely the most “interesting” since the house was ready to be listed and we were then impacted by COVID. During the 10 week pause, not only did Robin keep in regular touch, she also personally looked out for the property, managed some last minute repairs, and even gathered my mail. She is a personal professional. On the business side, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Given no visibility into the market, lack of comps, etc. Robin’s wisdom and foresight helped us to develop together what turned out to be a successful selling plan. She timed things exactly right, priced our home very smartly and in the end we quickly were able to accept offer above ask, closing in 30 days. She never panicked, although I did. I will miss Robin, both personally and professionally. Very fortunate to have had the the opportunity to work with her for 11 years, with multiple successes. Cheers, Robin!

– Alexia Lucas

Thorough and professional wrapped with a sense of humor. Robin heard our concerns- and found us exactly the place we needed. Her help with the sell later, spot on getting us top dollar.

– S. Rope Wolf

Robin was professional, responsive ,and easy to work with. She got us a fantastic outcome while navigating tough personalities with grace. I will always work with Robin for our real estate needs.

– Nair Flores

Robin was truly wonderful to work with on the sale of a property I owned in Berkeley. She had a full understanding of how the market was evolving as renovations were done on the property. She gave great advice on what to upgrade and what to save. She also had fantastic negotiating skills once we received offers. Robin made the process very easy. The sale was a success.

– Erica Severns

Aviva and Robin teamed up really seamlessly for an exceptionally successful sale of my condo, which I had owned for quite sometime and was pretty attached to. They quickly mobilized a professional and efficient crew (stager, painter, inspectors, etc) to get ready for the sale. Aviva took care of some one off items at the property, sparing me several trips in from the east bay. They were always responsive and always had good advice to offer. Aviva has a knack for connecting on a personal level. Between her and Robin, I felt like I had a team of "expert friends", seeing me though the process. i can't thank them enough, for not only managing the transaction itself, but also for their patience and good humor with me. Thank you!

– Alexis Lucas

My husband and I came to the Bay Area and were staying in temp housing while aggressively looking for a home to purchase. Robin jumped on the fast track and helped us vet houses during the work week and tour top pics over the weekend. We made two offers and won our third, all within a two month timeframe. Robin is very well known and loved in the industry which made talking to selling agents smooth. She was a great partner in helping us find the right area for our lifestyle and needs and we absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the East Bay.

– Kristeen Wurtele

She was very professional. She did a wonderful job of explaining, pricing, marketing, coordinating showings, lining up documents and facilitating signings. She was warm and gracious and made us feel that our house was special. She partnered with a colleague for our house selling and together they made this the smoothest house selling we have ever had.

– Jennifer Williams

Robin did an incredible job finding our house. She had excellent insights into what the sellers would be looking for, and made sure we put our strongest offer on the table for the house we really wanted. Her good relationships with other realtors in the area give her a distinct advantage over other realtors we've worked with in the past!

– Darren

Robin was an amazing partner to have when I boutht my condo in SF. She always got answers for me in a timely fashion, no matter how small they were. Even after I bought the place, Robin had recommendations to help me with my new home. Robin knows the market, the other real estate talent and has an excellent reputation so they want to work with her. You will be in great hands with Robin. I would highly recommend working with her.

– Deborah

Robin is an amazing agent and it couldn't have been a better experience. I did not know a lot regarding purchasing and Robin was straight foreword honest. I wouldn't have my place in San Francisco without her

– Teresa Ewins

Robin is the best! She's personable, hilarious, fun to be around, and on top of all of that, she is an incredible real estate agent. She is creative and knowledgable. We sold our Julia Morgan house in Berkeley in 2015 and although the market was certainly on our side, she and co-worker Kristi Roberts helped us achieve the maximum profit possible by adding small and clever touches here and there, planting new flowers in the garden, managing repairs and house preparations while we were out of town, and even hiring a Julia Morgan actress for the open houses! Absolutely amazing. She took the stress out of preparing and selling our house and made it fun and easy to do. She was also the buying agent for our cute little condo in the Upper Haight in San Francisco. Will certainly be asking for her help when we go to sell it. You will be in great hands if you choose to work with this lovely lady, and you'll have lots of fun with her along the way!

– Savannah King

Robin is knowledgeable, skillful, responsive, and very hard working . She really cares about her clients and her community and doing an outstanding job for everyone. It is a pleasure to work with her.

– Janet L. Holmgren

Robin first assisted us when purchasing our first house. She walked us through the process and spent numerous days with my wife and I looking for houses, She even came out to show us a house (that my wife and her and been to so that I could see) it in the middle of a nasty storm. We ended up with a great house and a reasonable price and lived there for nine years. When it was time to move, we again contacted Robin based off our experience when we were buying, Our experience selling was even better! She provided information to inform us on the current market and had a strategy for how we should proceed with the listing. She helped point out some things we could do to increase value at minimal costs and did an amazing job with the marketing of the property. While we know the SF market is a bit crazy, we were still floored at the amount and quality of the offers. Robin was always available for questions and very helpful explaining how the process would go. If we were still in the SF area, there is no one else I would work with.

– Ian clifton

Robin found us our 3 bed - 1 bath house in Berkeley in just a few months. She was absolutely great, listening to what we wanted and our price range and never pushing us to go outside of it. We put down three offers before we had our fourth accepted. It was accepted in part through her connections to the agent selling. I highly recommend Robin as she is a true pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I never doubted that she had our best interests at heart and she was very generous with her time, touring us around and doing more walk-throughs than I can count. We are now very happily settled with our new baby in our home in Berkeley. Best of luck to anyone else who is currently on the buyers end of the market, it's tough out there.

– Rae W.

Robin was the consummate professional, a great communicator and an advocate for us during our recent home sale. She offered advice, listened to our needs and wants and found creative ways to achieve our goals. I haven't often found realtors to be as helpful as Robin was to our family. She "gets it" and used her wonderful skill as a negotiator and relationship builder to sell our home and manage the transaction in a positive and efficient way. I can't say enough good things about her.

– Stephanie Kruse

I keep coming back for more! Since 2010, I have done three transactions with Robin. Each time, her obvious professional skills, warmth, humor, creativity, and unflappable nature made my process not only successful but also very fun. I absolutely adore and recommend Robin.

– Caitlin Doyle

Robin is a pleasure to work with and a true professional when it comes to understanding what is required when working with clients. She is efficient and works hard at assisting in any way she can to make a transaction seem effortless. Her experience and knowledge in the industry made our working relationship enjoyable. I would highly recommend Robin.

– Olivia Lee

Robin SOLD my condo with multiple offers! I LOVE working with her! Robin is professional, calm, resourceful and is a creative problem solver! She put together a catchy media presence and trendy staging to highlight the best features of the property. By the time she was done, I wanted to live in it again myself! I had owned this property for 25+ years. She helped me get past my emotional attachment and never made me feel pressured. She is incredibly responsive and I consider her like a good friend. She is honest and full of integrity in her dealings with me and the buyer, and is careful to avoid any conflict of interest. She does not represent buyer and seller on the same property. I appreciated that and felt she did her utmost to assure that both buyer and seller were happy with the final outcome. While I worked with Robin as a seller, I would hire her to help me purchase as well without hesitation!! She is terrific!!!!

– Mary K.

Robin is simply amazing. She bought two houses for me, sold one and I have just asked her to sell another for me. She has a lot of experience and is calm and competent. She is also an excellent negotiator and gets things done fast. She is a lovely person and has become a good friend and will always be my first choice to work with. I highly recommend her. Therry Frey

– Therry Frey

Robin always does a great job. I have worked with her on the purchase of a home and the sale of 2 homes. She is diligent, smart and funny, she makes you feel at ease when the process can be stressful.

– Marta M

We first met Robin at an open house we were looking to buy. While that house wasn't right for us in the end, Robin was incredibly helpful and gracious in offering to help us hone in on the perfect home for us. She, and her partner Claudia, immediately helped us navigate the new unchartered territory (for us!) of buying a home in Oakland, especially during this crazy boom. They helped us identify the right neighborhood for our family, and constantly surprised us with access to off-market properties and insider info. They coached us through the unfamiliar and intimidating offer process, and ensured our success on just the second house we bid on. Once we owned the house and embarked on an exciting renovation, Robin and Claudia were there as sounding boards, helping us to consider the marketing in our design choices. Due to personal circumstances we decided to move overseas shortly after buying and renovating the house. There was no question who we'd use to represent us now as sellers. Robin and Claudia used their expertise yet again to ensure a quick and successful sale. I wouldn't trust any other team in the East Bay - these women are the best (and they are an absolute pleasure to work with!)

– Rachael Neumann

Robin is the consummate real estate professional - efficient and effective. And she is a warm and wonderful person to boot. We started looking for a house for me during the crazy housing boom a couple of last years back and I know for certain that without Robin's skills and deep realty connections, we would not have been able to get our offer accepted and the deal closed out. Since then, we've been looking for other investment property with Robin and I cannot imagine going through any real estate deal without her in our corner.

– Maria Chan

This recommendation is long overdue! Robin came to us at the perfect time, as our previous realtor did not meet expection. Robin stepped into the roll quickly, and effectively secured our dream home on the first attempt! She immediately addressed our (first-time buyer) needs and wouldn't let our prior experience discourage our chances of finding our dream home. She went above and beyond as a realtor and truly guided us every step of the way. Thank you, Robin, for being the best at what you do!

– Michelle L.

My husband and I had been thinking of selling our Rockridge home for years and moving to San Francisco, but we didn't think it was financially possible. On a wim, I called Robin to see if she could help. Within 13 days, she sold our Rockridge home for all cash over asking, and she helped us buy a huge, gorgeous, Victorian view flat in our ideal San Francisco neighborhood. It was like a dream come true. Without Robin's experience, contacts, and know-how, this would never have been possible. What can this woman not do? Robin Dustin comes with our very highest recommendation.

– Sarah HaBa

Robin is AMAZING. She represented my wife and me in connection with the purchase of our first home. In addition to being super competent and experienced in the logistics of the home-buying process, she has a tremendously calm and reassuring demeanor, the importance of which can't be overstated for such a major life event. In concrete terms, I'm pretty sure her combination of tenacity and sensitivity is what allowed us to get our offer accepted in this highly competitive market: the seller's agent mentioned that there were multiple offers but Robin made the most positive impression, which allowed us to keep negotiations going and ultimately got us our perfect house.

– A. Bier

Robin was an incredible respite from the tragedies and stresses of finding and purchasing my first home. From beginning to end, her ear was always open and attentive, while her eyes searched everywhere for the hidden gems, possibilities, savings, workarounds, dangers and errors, so that I may focus on my days without worry. From the first moments of meeting her, one can tell she is honest and responsible, and on YOUR side for YOU, not scheming or misleading like one would easily cliche some in the profession. That's why she stands out from the crowd. I would, without blinking or thinking, recommend her highly to anyone in an instant.

– Jeremy Mann

I have know her since 1997 when she was holding a open house at Pacific Heights. Then, she found my first unit in condo in 1999 in Pacific Heights and assisted in great deal of selling the one in Pacific Heights and buying a unit in Nob-Hill condo. In addition, she assisted to buy an unit in Tenancy Common in Nob-Hill as the headquarter's of the NPO where I serve as CFO. She is a very professional, thoughtfull, kind, and trustworthy woman who can be liked by all. She is the most recommendable person for real estate dealing.

– Yukiko Yamazaki

We have worked with Robin Dustan on both the buy and sell side on several complicated real-estate transactions, and hands down she is my go-to Realtor, for both her professionalism and experience. Her unique negotiating experience in a very competitive housing market, representing many different types of clients, is what gives her the ability to know how to close a deal with both parties leaving the table satisfied and content with the transaction.

– Christiana Reining

We bought two SanFrancisco family home properties in Nob Hill through her. She reprented us as a buyer, She professionally carried out the negotiations and quickly settle the deal. After buying the property, she gave us a lot of good advices and assistance on interrior design and furniture selection. We were overwhelmed by fer broad human resource connections with the excellent professionals for house related matters.

– Kazuo Yamazaki

We worked with Robin Dustan in 2013 as first-time buyers in San Francisco and she was fantastic. The market was fast-paced and often confusing, but Robin made navigating it fun, exciting, and often something to which we looked forward. She is a true professional, with a deep knowledge of the market, an instinct for trends, and a genuine interest in learning about her clients. Robin was someone other agents knew, respected, and trusted; we felt we were in capable hands with her and she was always ready to answer our questions, address our anxieties, and to put in hours of work to help us find the place that suited us--and all of this with good cheer, an excellent sense of humor, and a great deal of warmth and kindness. She is exceptional and in a league of her own!

– T. Zaman

Simply put: Robin is amazing. Like most people, I've dealt with more than my fair share of real estate agents who didn't measure up to my standards. Robin was the first person who truly earned her commission. Super responsive (almost too responsive -- I would avoid texting after reasonable hours because she would always text back right away!). Super knowledgable. Super caring. She listens and takes your goals and concerns to heart. She did an amazing job selling my condo and setting a new comp for my building and was able to use my comp to sell my neighbor / friend's condo right after mine for an even higher comp. I gladly recommend Robin (and have referred her a number of clients) and believe that you can't go wrong using Robin to buy or sell your home!

– Michael Blonsky

Robin's help was crucial in helping me find and buy the right SF condo. She was resourceful in getting me the detailed property information and also doing so in a timely manner. She is very friendly and easy to work with. I felt that she is well connected in the SF real estate market.

– Kallol M.

Robin Dustan is a fantastic agent! She not only educated us on the house-buying process from day one, she went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home. Were it not for Robin, we'd probably still be looking for a home, or still be renting. Rest assured when you're working with Robin, you're in solid, experienced hands. If we sell our home in the future, we'll use Robin for sure. Anyone is lucky to have her.

– Michael Mohr

I am writing to thank you for your energy, resourcefulness, good humor, and easy availability during last year's sale of our Cow Hollow home. You left no stone unturned and no loose ends hanging in your pursuit of a qualified buyer, and you kept us informed every step of the way.

– Elizabeth W.

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