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  • Cantonese, Mandarin, Toishanese

Rose has a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts degree, majoring in Interior Architecture at Boston University.  She is most knowledgeable in assisting buyers and sellers with maximizing the appeal of and increasing the value of their property.

To the leadership team at McGuire. When we were reviewing Rose’s experience and background I noticed some letters of recommendation from previous clients. I hope to be one of them. Rose made a potentially difficult process smooth and successful and certainly adds to the value of McGuire Real Estate. Please let me know if you would like the following sent in a Word Doc. Rose provides an unique brand of excellence in the sale of real estate. Due to the recent passing of my sister, my other sister and I were faced with selling a Condo in a nice neighborhood of San Francisco. We both live over 1000 miles away and had very little knowledge of the local real estate market. When I first came in contact with Rose, I was amazed with the level of energy, concern and attention to detail that she brought to our unique situation. As absentee owners, we were faced with hiring the various contractors and professionals to stage and bring the property up to date to present to the market. In this phase of the sale, Rose’s years of experience and her continuous efforts to build and strengthen relationships and trust with the people she works with proved extremely valuable. It was clear, the contractors knew Rose, trusted her, and wanted her to succeed in her quest to get the highest value for our property. The work was performed efficiently and met the high standards that Rose, in the friendliest way, expected from the people she selected to get the job done. As we brought the Condo to market, Rose shined. The efforts in marketing and presenting the condo brought in many interested buyers immediately. Finally, Rose’s knowledge of the market allowed us to negotiate with expertise. We ended up selling the condo to a wonderful couple at higher than asking price. The transaction was smooth. Rose’s passion for her work adds a level of quality that is rare. She takes complete ownership of a successful outcome, manages the unexpected and has developed a sense of what is missing, needed or expected to get the job done. She has cultivated a network of professionals that are quick to jump to service to help Rose. I expect she does the same for them. I strongly recommend Rose as a sellers agent. You will be amazed.

– Tom Armstrong

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am writing to let all of you know what a professional, competent and caring job Rose did for us in selling our condo at 4230 California Street. My brother and I inherited it from our sister, Barbara Klein, who lived there for about 8 years and passed much too young in June of this year. My brother is in Michigan and I am in South Carolina, and the prospect of getting the apartment cleaned out and ready for sale was overwhelming. Rose was the buyer's agent for my sister and her late husband when they bought the condo, and fortunately had kept in touch so I was able to find her information in Barbara's contacts. Rose took us under her wing immediately and guided us through the entire process. She engaged and supervised the cleaning, clearing, painting and staging, as well as the many inspections required. She interacted with the other owners in the building, and kept in constant communication with us. She told us at our first meeting that she expected to get over asking price in fairly short order, and that is what happened. The sale closed yesterday with nary a hitch, thanks to Rose. It is no exaggeration to say that without Rose, we'd not have sold it this soon or for this price, and I can't imagine trying to work through the complexities of real estate transactions in San Francisco from this distance without someone of her experience and dedication on the front line for us. We are very glad the transaction is done, but sorry we won't be working with Rose anymore, as she has become a friend. I am happy to write this letter to let the management of McGuire know how very pleased and thankful we are.

– Margaret L. Berger

Your 1031-exchange specialist, Mrs. Rose Dong, needs no validation for being on e of the best in the field. We just wanted you to know that she has provided a seamless professionalism that we can depend on in achieving our long-term real estate investment objectives. Mrs. Dong just has the right mix of professional experience, a unique set of business and cultural skill, a positive attitude, a genuine interest in helping us to exchange our residential income property for a NNN-commercial property in a timely manner. We were most fortunate to have specialist of Mrs. Dong's caliber to handle the above complex transaction for us. She did a superb job, and we would like to nominate her for any recognition that your company might bestow on employees whose performance stood out from the rest and enhance your company image.

– V.H.

We'd like to commend Rose S. Dong of McGuire Realty for her truly remarkable tact and perseverance in bringing our recent purchase to a successful conclusion. Throughout the lengthy process of involving intractable, if not eccentric, sellers and increasingly anxious buyers, Rose remained cheerfully confident, resolute, and totally unflappable. Her patience never faltered, and though, we, as buyers, were often in despair, Rose always managed to convince us that a happy ending was insight. All three of us shared a heartfelt admiration for Rose's professionalism as a realtor and for her zest ad spirit as a terrific human being.

– M.N.-N.F.-E.F.

We recently had the pleasure of working with a real estate agent from your firm, Rose Dong, who brought the sale of our house to it successful completion. WE wish to commend Ms. Dong for her excellent service and effort on our behalf. Ms. Dong's service-oriented approach made the entire process easier. Forms were faxed or hand carried to us thoroughly explained. Meetings were held at our convenience. She referred us to furniture movers with whom we were satisfied. She even contacted the police department on our behalf to arrange for parking for the movers. In everything she did, she was thorough, organized, and professional. Papers were filled out properly and completely; and presented information to us in timely and orderly manner. We appreciated her conscientious attention to detail. She kept our mind at ease by ensuring that the doors ad windows to our house were closed and locked after showing. We knew our house was safe in our absence. We believe that all of this was based on Ms. Dong's efforts to understand our wants and needs as clients of McGuire Real Estate. She took the time to listen to us. We wish to thank Rose Dong for her assistance in selling our house. She truly is an asset to your firm.

– Rev. D.J.-E.J.-S.J.

I just want to thank you for all your help for making our sale a smooth and successful transaction. Your teamwork with other professionals in making the thing right is second to none. The first time we conversed over the phone, I knew you would be the one to represent us even though we still interviewed other sales agents. I believe without a doubt we made the right choice.

– R.H.

We are writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are to be working with your agent, Rose Dong. In the beginning of our search the real estate market in San Francisco was very intimidating. We have worked with other agents but they were not perceptive to what we were looking for and wasted much of our time. Rose was different, she knew exactly what type of home we wanted and would go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. Whatever we would meet, Rose always had her wonderful smile and possessed endless bounds of energy. Throughout the entire home-buying process we have been impressed with her thoroughness, kindness, honesty and knowledge. We finally found our dream home and strongly believe without Rose this would not have happened. She has made the complicated process into an adventurous and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Rose any realty transactions.

– D.N.

We are writing to express our enormous gratitude to Rose dong for helping us find a new home. Rose truly is one of a kind. Show shows a vibrant enthusiasm for her work, and this enthusiasm, combined with her background in design and her knowledge of the housing market, made her invaluable during our house search. For six months, Rose tirelessly drove us on open-house tours throughout the city. Applying her background in design, she often pointed out important layout and structural details and helped us see the possibilities of the units we visited. She also seemed to have a sense of what we were looking for even before we knew ourselves. In this respect, she helped guide us toward making the right decision when it came to bidding and inspired us with enough confidence to be patient when we were considering units that were less than perfect. We were always confident in Rose's knowledge and expertise in navigating San Francisco's confusing and competitive market, and this confidence, in the end, enabled us to wait for a home that suited our every need. Rose's contagious enthusiasm has also made her popular among realtors. Other agents love working with her, and in our case, this made the difference between winning and losing our bid. Now that we have our new home, Rose is still helping us with remodeling and interior design ideas. She goes way beyond the call of duty when it comes to her role as our realtor, helping us get started on our path as first-time home owners. We can't thank her enough for that she's done. We will recommend her to any friends who may be looking to buy or sell in San Francisco. Thank you!

– J.A., Esq.

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