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Hart Matejczyk fell in love with real estate after being involved in a sizable deal in Sonoma, on the other side of which was one of San Francisco’s most prolific antitrust lawyers. The lawyer (who was selling) wanted to back out half way through, and Hart got to see and be involved with all of the back and forth, careful decision making, and legal knowledge that allowed the buyer to make her purchase. The whole thing felt to Hart like a very high stakes, extremely complex game of chess, and since then he has been hooked. He immediately went to work on his license, and now he loves every second he gets to be involved in real estate transactions for the risk, the competition, and the satisfaction of coming out on top of the single biggest deal his clients will likely make in their lives.

One of the biggest lessons Hart was taught as a child was to be creative, to think of things that nobody else has thought about and to come at every situation from an untraditional angle. This is the approach Hart has taken to life, a life which so far has been completely unconventional. By the age of 20 Hart had worked on ships in the Caribbean, motorcycled through Vietnam, lived and worked in rural Northern India at an IT company, and founded his own proprietary messaging software company. Ever since he fell in love with real estate, Hart has been applying everything he learned to the career, so that he and his clients can always be the first to think of a new angle, a special tactic, or a creative strategy to come out ahead every time.

While not getting his daily dose of adrenaline through real estate, Hart loves speed. Whether this is on a motorcycle, skis, or a sailboat, if the wind is in his hair, Hart is having a great time. It has also been a lifelong dream of Hart’s to do a circumnavigation on a sailboat. He loves being out on the water, especially alone, where there is nothing else to rely upon but himself and his own skills to get him out of a tricky situation.

My husband and I have worked with Hart twice now, both for the sale of our home in Oakland, and for the purchase of our current home in San Francisco. Both times we couldn’t have been more impressed and satisfied. In Oakland We were selling the home that our kids grew up in, and were hesitant to hire Hart since he typically works in San Francisco. Hart understood that and chose to bring on another agent who specializes in the area to help with the listing. Throughout the entire process he was available and hard working, making the trek across the bridge constantly to meet with us, be present for important things like photography, and even changed from his pinstripe suit to work clothes and brought over a power washer, which made a huge difference outside. He told us to list lower than we wanted, and we trusted him, leading to less than a week on the market, and four offers over asking! One of the offers was for 133% of the list price, which is the one we went with of course. There was a hiccup when the house didn’t appraise, and the buyers said we would need to knock $100,000 off the price or they wouldn’t be able to pay, but Hart and his partner negotiated the buyers into splitting the difference, saving us $50,000. When we went to San Francisco, we didn’t hesitate to use Hart as our agent. Once again he was reliable, and always had the time to help us out. When he didn’t know the answer to something, he wasn’t too prideful to immediately call up a lawyer or an expert in the area, which ended up being very helpful because the home we wanted was a TIC. There were over 1,000 pages of disclosures, and lots of tricky things that we wouldn’t normally have to deal with as buyers. Hart was a master negotiator, refusing to let us pay more than we had to. After four counter offers back and fourth, Hart advised us to outright refuse their last one and not even submit another counter, telling the other agent we had lost interest. Within minutes of sending the email, the other agent called and said if we resent our last counter they would sign it. It was a thrilling experience, and we ended up getting the property for 94% of the original list price, a number so surprisingly low for the area that it made the news. We would work with Hart again without hesitation, he is responsible, knowledgeable, and his number one priority is making his clients happy. Selling our home way above the list price, and buying another for below, we know which side of the table we want him on.

– Lyn

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