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My real estate career began more than 20 years ago. Initially, I began on the other side of the business in the mortgage industry, helping buyers get their loans approved so they could buy and move into their new homes. After spending many years and handling many success loans, I decided it was time to join the other side where I could help buyers actually find their new home and help sellers in the process of selling their current one.

My career experience of being on both sides of the transaction strengthens my ability to negotiate on behalf of my clients, guiding them through the process with my extensive knowledge of being both behind and in front of the buying and selling scenes. I take great pride in helping my clients find their dream home and assisting in one of the most important decisions that they’ll make.

As a longtime Bay Area resident, living in both San Francisco and Marin County for the last 20 years, I couldn’t be more passionate about helping others find their home here. Whether it’s working with families who’re downsizing from their current home, to those in search of a place in the city, or relocating to Marin for its outstanding school system and strong family culture—this is my idea of living the dream!

Hard worker and true professional. Worked with Teri for over 20 years now and she is great.

– Jeff D.

RMC is a mortgage brokerage specializing in residential financing since 1976. Teri became an icon in our office right from the start. She is an extremely personable lender rep that took a special interest in helping every agent with product information and problem solving in addition to having strong relationships with her internal workforce, which proved invaluable for getting our loans through the system. I have only the highest praise for Teri's strong work ethic and loyalty to her customers.

– John R.

I have known & worked with Teri for many years and have always known her to be an extremely honest and personable agent. Teri always has put her clients needs first~ she has excellent knowledge base and negotiation skills~ which are a must in today's Real Estate environment! If you or someone you know needs a Super Agent Call Teri! Five Stars for Local knowledge, Process expertise, Responsiveness, and Negotiation skills.

– Phyllisann

Five Stars on Local knowledge, Process expertise, Responsiveness, and Negotiation skills. Teri is honest and she knows what clients want, she works closely with potential and existing clients to help them have a better understanding of what the transaction entails. She is friendly and respectful. I have suggested all of my friends utilize her services. She is now looking for a rental for a friend who lives in Boston, guess what, she will find one for this person as she has grit and tenacity.

– S. Roe

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