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McGuire Real Estate offers unmatched experience in leasing real estate. Our leasing department has been involved in property leasing for over 18 years and has successfully completed over 4,000 transactions. Services extend to lofts, condominiums and single-family homes.

Tenant Screening: We screen all applicants. Screening includes, but is not limited to, a credit check with eviction report, verification of employment and income and investigating previous and current rental history. Our goal is to not only find a qualified tenant for your home, but one with whom you can feel comfortable having a lessor/lessee relationship. We strive to work within an agreeable environment keeping your needs the priority.

Lease Signing and Fees: Once you have approved an applicant, we will prepare all necessary paperwork. At lease signing, the tenant will make the first check payable to our trust account, from which we will deduct our fee. Our fee is 6.5% of the total year’s lease amount. We will then provide you with an itemized commission statement for your records, along with the balance for amount due and lease documents for your review and signature. Signed copies will be distributed to all parties, as well as one to be kept on file in our office.

Marketing: Over half of our business comes from our web site,, and another large part from referrals. Our website is constantly being updated and has proved to be an invaluable marketing too. To begin the listing process we will post a detailed description and photo of your property on our site and utilize necessary advertising resources. These include print and/or online varieties depending on the circumstances and current market.

Listing Period: We feel it is important to let our clients know we are not sure of how long it will take to successfully find you a qualified new tenant. Initially, we want you to be prepared for a 30–60 day leasing period. It may be shorter or longer. Keep in mind, as standard protocol for all listings, we will re-evaluate the listing price with you after 10 days to be certain we are consistent with the current market.

The Rental Concierge Team is ready to help with all of your rental and leasing needs. For immediate assistance, please contact us via email at or by phone 415.901.2769.

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